Lataa / kopioi

Netin ilmaisia. Muutamissa linkeissä lataaminen on maksullista, mutta kopioiminen on ilmaista.

Kaavat, kaavoitus, ompeluohjeita
Der Goldene Schnitt 1941 
French knickers 1940s
50s style knicker   ( UK size 10-12)
Sew Vera Venus
Modern Pattern Design 1940s
Simplified Sewing  (1950s)
Singer Sewing Skills 1955  
Va-Voom Vintage: Free Patterns
Designing, pattern drafting, dress making, millinery 1922              
Make Mend For Victory 1942
First Course in Modern Mechanical Methods of Home Sewing, 1920
Manual of Apparel Drafting and Sewing, 1914
The Little Girl's Sewing Book, 1915
The Golden Age and Couture, 1950s dress
PatternMaker  (ilmaisessa  versiossa paidan ja housujen kaavat)
Vintage Pattern Files
1950- ja 1930-luvun mekon kaavat
Pattern alteration (1950)
Making a dress at home (1944)
Fabrics and designs for children's clothes (1937)
Fitting dresses and blouses (1927)
Fitting dresses (1944)
Dresses designed for little girls (1949)
Dresses and aprons for work in the home (1952)
The New encyclopedia of modern sewing (1946)
Dressmaking made easy (1939)
Clothing construction (1934)
The new Butterick dressmaker (1927)
Butterick dressmaking book (1940)
Unit method of sewing (1950)
Hand-Finishing Your Dress (1948)
Make Your Own Hats (n. 1921)
American Dressmaking Step by Step (1917)
Rucksack purse (1950s)
Pill box hat (1950s)
Pony Tail Hat (1950s)
Baby Bib and Wiper
Doll Bonnet (1920s)
Vintage sequin butterfly beaded ornament
Vintage sheer flowered wrap (1950s)
Soda pop cozy carrier (1950s)
Apron pattern (1950s)

Virkkaus- ja neuleohjeet, kirjonnat,...
Patons 188 knitting pattern
Antique Pattern Library  
Quaker smart bags (1940s) 
Double Collar (1937)
Boulevarde Jacket (1939) 
Embroidered Jumper (1944)
Cardigan (1943)
Cutaway Neckline Sweater (1955)
Beaded Lucelle Jumper (1955)
Lace Panel Jumper (1955)
Granny Sweater (1943)
Easy Stitches for a Chic Jumper (1937)
CableKnit Jumper (1937)
Bobble Stitch Jumper (1936)
Starring Stripes Jumper (1936)
V's and Stripes Cardigan (1951)
Scarlet Berry Jumper (1949)
Classic Cabled Cardigan (1949)
Twin Set (1949)
Striped Jumper (1955)
Knockabout Jumper (1936)
Holiday Jumper (1951)
Empire Bolero (1958)
Sandals and Beach Bag (1949)
Swimming Suit (1949)
Pretty Daisy Jumper (1954)
Yellow Bobble Stitch Jumper (1949)
Polka Dot Ascot Beret (1950)
Beau Catcher - Crocheted Blouse (1950s)
Sports Sweater (1951)
Turret Blouse (1951)
Nautical Striped Pullover (40s or 50s)
Bias Knit Sweater (1950)
Lacy Sweater Blouse (1950)
Ripped Shrug (1950s)
Silhouette Jumper (1950s)
Floral Jumper (1949)
The Angora Sweater (1949)
Swallows Jumper
Sport Gloves  
Fair Isle for Junior Miss (1940s)
Drop Waist Dress (1948)
Coral Cardigan (1948)
Button Thro Cardigan (1940s) 
Peek-a-boo hat (1940s)
Crochet purse and bag (1944)
Crochet purse (1940s)
Open lace crochet hat (1930s)
Doll dress, coat, bonnet and booties knitting pattern (1940s)
Camisole/camiknickers crochet (1930s)
Cap and Muff (1940s)
Tam O'Shanter hat and scarf (1930s)
Crochet hat and bag (1930s)
Knitted Coat (1961)
Crochet hat and purse (1940s)
Crochet Slippers (1940s) 
Kirjonta kuvia (1950s)
Barbie's dress, coat and luggage

Muoti, kauneus, jne.

Sisustus, koti, puutarha,...
Home Beautiful (1955)
The Colorful Home (late 1940s)